Thursday, December 11

She's so HOT!!!!

I recently saw a show on TV about how the mind works. It was fascinating to think about how the mind processes data – but more specifically how the mind fills in the blanks when real information is missing.

Here’s a great example of what I’m talking about. What do you see in this picture?

Like most of us you likely see a woman’s backside. Why? - Because your mind took the basic information and filled in what it didn't have with assumptions. We as Inventors often do the same thing.

As the inventor rushes down the road with their shiny new invention headed straight for the wild and often scary world of business, quickly realizing it’s a world we know little about.

We enter armed with a few bits of real information we picked up along the way, some information we believe is true because we saw it on some stupid inventor TV show, but largely we leave our minds to do what they do best - fill in the blanks with assumptions and force fed images of what our mind is now telling us is reality.

The problem is, just like your mind tells you this is a picture of a woman’s backside – the mind is often wrong. This is in fact, a picture of a pair of shoes – Ahhhh, now you see it!

The same is true with the assumptions we make about the business end of the inventing industry. Taking a little bit of known information and allowing your mind to fill in the blanks is a really bad idea in business. You need to take the time to educate yourself on the real processes and information associated with taking an invention to the market.

Don’t listen to your friends who know as little as you do about the process, don’t listen to your Dog, or your Cat. Take the time to fill your mind with real information so it’s not left to fill in the blanks with assumptions that could later cost you a great opportunity or a lot of money.

Mark Reyland


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  2. You my friend are right on the money!