Thursday, October 4

Calling Michigan Inventors

Inventor Association’s of Michigan - Networking Event

TechShop Detroit – October 6, 2012 

The various Inventor Association in the State of Michigan are collaborating the First Statewide

Networking Event to help facilitate idea generation on sharing a platform on how to better communicate and share information between all of the Michigan Inventor Groups.  

This unique new statewide networking event for Inventors and Entrepreneurs will make its debut in Allen Park, MI @ TechShop Detroit on October 6, 2012.  

The event will help inventors from across the state put a face with a name. This event is for beginner inventors curious about the invention process and also seasoned inventors who would like to share their stories on how they started with an Idea, developed it into a product and built a successful company.  

The event will be taking place at TechShop Detroit in Allen Park, Mi and hosted by the Inventors Assoc. of Metro Detroit (IAMD). Event sponsors are the Michigan Inventor Associations across Michigan: HIN, WIN, IAMD, ICMM, GRIN, MIN, LMN, and JIN. 

WHAT:      Networking Event for Inventors and Entrepreneurs interested in the invention   process, seeking advice or networking with seasoned inventors and those looking to join an inventor or makers group in their area.
WHEN:      Saturday, October 6, 2012, 12:00 – 3:30 with a networking hour,1 hour program with TechShop and Guest Speaker. Tour of TechShop Facility and Social function after at a the Broadcast Booth in Downtown Allen Park.
WHERE:    TechShop Detroit, 800 Republic Dr. Allen Park, MI  48101  PH: (313) 583-3831
PARKING: Free Parking at TechShop

Our Guest Speaker at our event will be Mark Reyland, Executive Director from The Inventors Association of America. The UIA is the oldest and largest registered non-profit organization in the invention industry. The UIA works with CEO's accomplished inventors and people just like you. Normal everyday inventors, working hard to learn the many skills needed to successfully move down the path from innovation to commercialization. 

Please RSVP to Greg Szczesny @ 

For more information or if you need help with hotel accommodations contact:
Greg Szczesny, Event Lead             Marty Sovis, Event Planner             John Hopkins
Member IAMD                                 Board Member ICMM                     Chairman JIN
(313) 530-7891                                 (810) 397-5200                                 (517) 973-7324                   

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