Thursday, January 6


It’s almost here. No, not Christmas or New years, I’m talking about something far more exciting to an inventor. I’m talking about the Professional Golfers Association Merchandise show in sunny Orlando Florida January 27-29th 2011.
The PGA show is a huge show where anyone who’s anyone in the sports industry shows up to see the latest in new merchandise and new innovation for both the Golf and Golf Support categories. From Clubs, Bags, and Ball, to Clothing, Games, Cleaning Supplies, and even Beverage products. This show has it all.
For the inventor community there’s even more to offer. The UIA is proud to announce the Inventor Spotlight section of the PGA show and the 3 great values participating inventors receive.
EXPOSURE! That’s right, exposure to buyers from major retailers like The Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, Golfsmith, and even Target. This is your chance to come face to face with the people who can catapult your product to huge orders.  It happens at almost every show, an inventor shows his/her product to a buyer walking past the booth and the next thing you know it’s on a store shelf. Sometimes the buyer writes the purchase order on the spot.
EDUCATION! As we always do, The UIA offers an inventor education seminar the day before the show starts. The PGA inventor seminar is a chance to have professionals in the industry teach you about the processes involved with commercialization of a product idea. From developing an idea, to prototypes, sales and distribution, this is a FREE seminar packed with great information and you don't have to be an exhibitor to attend!
            FORBES RILEY – Pitching your product on TV
            MARK REYLAND – The UIA and changes in the inventing industry
            JIM DEBETTA – How to prepare and sell products to major retailers
            CHRIS HAWKER – When I first started inventing and what I learned
            KENNY DURHAM – The many ways to sell your innovation
            HASSAN ZARRABI – 3D Printing and other ways to prototype your product
            ASHLEIGH SOTTIE – The process behind the scenes with your product on TV
 AWARDS! You work hard to invent and develop those inventions into something that in one way or another benefits society - The UIA wants to recognize that hard. Our panel of industry professional judges will evaluate your efforts and award PGA Inventor spotlight awards to participating exhibitors in the following categories.
            Best new overall product
            Best Market Research
            Best Product concept
That’s right, at PGA you don’t have to have a fully developed product to gain the attention of a major retailer, or to be recognized for your ingenuity and hard work. Many inventors use the spotlight area to show working prototypes and get feedback from the buyers, the consumers, and the UIA judges.
So don’t miss the opportunity to strut your stuff. Contact John Lederer at (203) 840-5381 for more information about how you can get involved in the 2011 Pro Golfers Show!

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